Welcome to the GeoFS Wiki!Edit

Welcome to the GeoFS Wiki! This is a wiki about the free flight simulator, GeoFS!

About GeoFSEdit

GeoFS is a free, online flight simulator, with 3D scenery, and runs in your web browser. There is absolutely nothing to install or download. It includes several aircraft, ranging from the small Cessna 172 to the massive Airbus A380. GeoFS also has the option for custom aircraft, so players can import aircraft directly into the flight sim with the press of a button.

The simulator itself is built with web technologies and runs on many different systems and devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile - iOS/Android). The aircraft can be controlled in 3 different ways: Keyboard, Mouse, and External Joystick. Joystick support is provided via the Gamepad API which is now available on all major web browsers.

  • built on Google Earth: worldwide photo-realistic sceneries
  • simulate fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, paraglider and hot air balloon
    Fedex MD-11 Flying over Boston

    The MD-11 in Fedex Express livery flying overy Boston.

  • supports joystick control.
  • realistic flight model (lifting-line theory)
  • real-time weather, dynamic wind lift
  • multiplayer: fly and chat with other pilots across the globe
  • over 30,000 runways and global airspace map 
    A380 flyover

    Airbus A380 in flight from LAX to SAN.

New in version 1.0Edit
  • User accounts, self moderation
  • Instrumented cockpits
  • Flight record/replay
    MD-11 Taxi On 22L

    The MD-11 taxing on 22L for takeoff during sunrise.

  • Autopilot
  • PAPI
  • Reworked aircraft 3D model
  • Antonov An-140
  • Boeing 727-200
  • Airbus A340-600
  • Embraer E190
  • Boeing 767-300ER
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Airbus A350-900
  • Boeing 777-300ER
  • Boeing 747-8F
  • Boeing 737
  • Airbus A320
  • New user interface
  • Google Chrome native joystick support (experimental)